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Up your culinary game with food videos from Jeffrey de Picciotto that empower and inspire.

FudeHouse is a video blog that produces fun, easy, and original how-to cooking videos. Creator Jeffrey de Picciotto writes, produces, directs, films, voices, and edits short, two-minute videos to provide straightforward instruction and easy recipes.

Learn how to chop an onion without crying and cook the best steak of your life. With an emphasis on quick tips, tricks, and techniques that are useful in many of your favorite dishes, FudeHouse hopes to inspire you to just get in the kitchen and cook. FudeHouse is not about providing complete recipes, but rather about teaching principles and ideas that can be used in many different ways. Learn the basic concepts, have fun in the kitchen, and apply your own imagination to eat good food with good friends.

FudeHouse has been featured on The Huffington Post, USA Today’s Pop Candy, the Staff Blog at Tumblr.com, in the Tumblr Spotlight.

Jeffrey de Picciotto was a butcher at Dickson’s Farmstand Meats – a whole-animal, farm-to-table, sustainable butcher shop in New York City. Beginning as an intern in the cutting room at The Chelsea Market, he held almost every job in the shop and worked his way to becoming Head Butcher at Dickson’s new expansion retail locations. He oversaw operations and inventory, developed the meat case, and helped launch TriBeCa’s All Good Things.

He has been interviewed about butchering and meat by The Huffington Post, GOOD Magazine, and GoodFoodJobs.com.

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